2014 m. balandžio 23 d., trečiadienis

No idea validation = no code

When I have started all this entrepreneurship venture I thought I really knew enough. And that was true, except one thing. With all my ideas i stuck in so called "hallucinations" phase. In this phase "everything makes sense to you", everything is logical about your idea, your friends "loves" your idea and the ones who says "i don't understand" are just ignored by your brain. You just work your ass off to implement your idea, then you do refactor it COUPLE of times, you empty and prepare a separate room to be filled with trillions. And then once you are done and you start looking for that big red "Go to market" button, something hit's the fan ...  And that something smashes really hard, straight in to your face ... Yes - no one needs your product! Problem you were trying to solve is not that painful that people would even think about spending cash on it.

After this cold shower I have asked myself - "how the heck it happened ?". I knew everything about lean startup, i knew that "i had to get the heck out of the building", i knew i have to collect feedback, i knew i had to build MVP, i have been trying to reuse what i could, but still I did that god damn rookie mistake - "started to build stuff, that no one needs"!

At the beginning i could not admit to myself that i was just blind and stubborn. So I have started to work on another idea. This time it took me a month to get to the point were i have bumped in to same wall ... "What's wrong with you dude!" aren't you learning from your mistakes ?

I am learning! Just it seems, this is just the way I am. I have to experience by myself how it feels to be in some situation in order to draw a conclusion.

After those two attempts my third attempt to build something useful is totally different story. I am not writing a single line of code until I have a validation that someone needs it. What I do now is I lookup for the market in the first place. Then I do try to identify what problem I can solve, so I do write down an assumption and then I call. I do cold call and pitch my solution and if that is not something they need I ask what they need so bad that they would even pay for it. For example i am doing this right now with real estate brokers and you would be surprised how gladly they accept invitation to meet-up and discuss their pains.

Today I can admit that when I did those mistakes in the beginning, I was just not ready to go out of my comfort zone and actually start talking to people. I was convincing myself that I am the smartest person on this matter and I know that it will work. But that was not the case, that was just an excuse.

So conclusion - go out guys! You are not smarter than all your customers collectively together. Validate your idea as soon as you can and pivot if need asap. I really hope that this post will save time to someone, because then at least in that way I could justify those mistakes :)